Conference on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Forensics

We are striving to provide our participants with the highest sanitary safety during the pandemic, so they can just relax!

Please find here the main measures we have taken and what we require from our participants.

Sapienza anti-COVID regulations strictly applied

As one of the largest universities in Europe (100,000+ students), with three schools of medicine and two large hospitals, Sapienza knows how to guarantee the highest safety to students, employees, and guests.
A dedicated task-force continuously improves regulations and best practices in order to safely keep the educational and scientific activities in presence.
We will apply all such rules and best practices very carefully.

Super green pass and no-symptoms required

To enter the conference venue, a valid green pass (from vaccination or healing) must be shown to the personnel in charge. The registered attendees will be sent precise instructions on what to do to enter Sapienza University headquarters. Access is forbidden to people showing symptoms possibly related to COVID-19.

FFP2 face masks enforced

FFP2 face masks must always be worn, except when eating or drinking.

Oversized and well-ventilated halls

Our congress hall can host as many as 200 people. We will accept at most 80 attendees, in order to guarantee proper distancing when seated. Also the hall foyer, where coffee-breaks and lunch will be served, is oversized.

Generous ventilation will be guaranteed by both roof windows (kept open if not raining), and by the emergency doors kept open, which give direct access to the open-air yard. Heating will be adequate, though, and your stay will be comfortable.

Coffee breaks and lunch served by operators and consumed outdoors

Food and drinks will be served by (face-masked, gloves-wearing, valid green pass–holding) operators. This will allow attendees to keep social distancing also during breaks.
Foods and drinks will be served in the large hall foyer, with direct access to the outside, where our guests can have their meals at a table under our beautiful arcades.

Efficient contact tracing

Upon registration, prospective attendees are requested to give us their personal phone number, which will be shared with the Italian health authorities to speed-up the contact tracing procedures in the unlucky occurrence of a COVID-19 case at the conference. Data on phone numbers of the attendees will be handled with the highest confidentiality by the organising committee and destroyed 14 days after the conference.

For more information, we recommend our attendees to read the Sapienza COVID-19 regulation which we will apply carefully.