Special section on Springer Real-Time Systems

7th Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems
(IWES 2022)

A special section titled

Real-Time Embedded Systems Applications

will be published in:

Real-Time Systems

The International Journal of Time-Critical Computing Systems

Authors of selected workshop contributions that address real-time embedded systems applications and timing issues (e.g., timing analysis, time management, derivations of timing constrains, etc.) will be invited to contribute to the special section.

All invited papers shall undergo the standard peer review process of the Journal.

Call for papers

Embedded Systems are earning growing importance in both research and practice, because of their wide employment in technological devices that are pervasively supporting our daily lives. Due to their critical relationship among monitored inputs, logical result of computations, and the time at which the results are produced, most of these applications need for real-time computing capabilities. In this context, when embedded system must meet various strict timing and computation constraints, they are named Real-Time Embedded Systems (RTES).

Applications and examples of RTES are increasingly ubiquitous and include commercial, government, medical, educational, military and cultural infrastructures. Specifically, we can find RTES in vehicle systems for automobiles, subways, aircraft, railways, and ships. Traffic control for highways, airspace, railway, and shipping lanes also employ these systems. Medical systems for radiation therapy, patient tele-monitoring, pacemakers and defibrillation are based on real-time embedded systems. To conclude the list, also agriculture and smart grids are starting using this approach.

The aim of this Special Section is to realize a forum for designers, researchers and major industrial personalities to present their latest developments in the field of real-time embedded systems, focusing on challenges and proposing novel and performant applications.

Application papers must explicitly address timing issues, showing how real-time timing constraints defined on application tasks are derived, handled, and guaranteed.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Real-Time issues in AI-powered embedded systems
  2. Real-time embedded systems applications (e.g., automotive and autonomous vehicles, manufacturing, edge computing, robotics, mechatronics, healthcare, smart buildings, smart cities, IoT and so on)
  3. Real-time system architectures and real-time operating systems
  4. Real-time systems design and analysis tools and techniques
  5. Energy efficient real-time systems and applications
  6. Real-time embedded systems performance characterization.

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Instructions for submissions

All manuscripts must be submitted on-line in PDF format, by updating the associated technical contribution already made within the

Guest editors will perform a quick pre-screening about the suitability of the received submissions for the special section and will send further instructions to authors.

For manuscript preparation and submission, please follow the guidelines in the Information for Authors. Please note that, for the initial submission on EasyChair, only a PDF document is required.


  • Submission: October 31, 2022 November 28, 2022
  • Reviews notification: December 30, 2022 (later for late submissions)
  • Submission of the final versions: February 2023
  • Tentative publication date: March/April 2023

Guest editors

Giorgio Buttazzo
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Daniela De Venuto
Polytechnic of Bari
Eugenio Di Sciascio
Polytechnic of Bari
Toni Mancini
Sapienza University of Rome