Social events

9th IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Sensors and Interfaces
(IWASI 2023)

Guided Tour

At the end the first day of the IWASI 2023 (18.00), all attendees are invited to embark on an unforgettable guided tour of the enchanting historic center of Monopoli.
Immerse yourself in the labyrinthine alleys of this ancient Messapian village, dating back to the 7th century BC. Our knowledgeable guide will lead you on a captivating journey, unveiling the secrets of Monopoli's heritage.
Prepare to be mesmerized by the baroque Cathedral, a true gem dedicated to the Madonna della Badia and considered one of the most exquisite cathedrals in all of Puglia. As we continue our exploration, we'll also visit the spanish Carlo V castle.
And what better way to top off this extraordinary experience than by treating yourself to a delicious "gelato", while savoring breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea in the warm hues of the sunset?

Social dinner

At the conclusion of the guided tour, we will reach Il Melograno (Conference Venue - Contrada Torricella, 345, 70043 Monopoli, Italy) for the IWASI 2023 Social Dinner, starting at 20:30.

As you mingle and network with fellow conference attendees in the elegant ambiance of Il Melograno, you'll discover the true essence of Puglia, a region where food is a celebration of life, love, and community.